Not all products are created equal.  We’re very proud of the mix of products we’ve assembled, believing them to be the best in the world for their respective categories.

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The iconic American brand has been reimagined with one-of-a-kind solutions for custom installation, home theatre, multi-room audio, and commercial.

Front Row

Grand rooms deserve grand furnishings, and this Canadian-made product delivers in spades.  There are literally thousands of combinations of seating styles, configurations, coverings (fabric, microfibre, leather, and vinyl), and options available.  Combining old-world craftsmanship with modern manufacturing techniques, Front Row custom builds each order, creating the perfect fit for your dedicated theater or media room.


Sometimes big things come in small packages. Dutch company GRAY has developed an astonishingly good sounding, discreet speaker solution to deliver impressive performance in modern homes.


Lighting control for everyone? With INSTEON it’s a reality! Using proprietary dual-band technology for robust communication, an affordable offering of dimmers, switches, keypads & outlets is complemented by thermostats, IP cameras, & accessories to create an accessible solution for projects big or small. Easily integrate with third-party control systems like RTI and Pro Control. Or simply use the world’s first networked, dimmable LED bulb for plug-n-play lighting control.


Want real-time reporting of all network-connected devices? Get Krika! The Krika Mini reports to a cloud dashboard and pushes notifications when key components go off-line while the Krika One adds Windows and embedded Team Viewer, giving you 24/7 remote access to the network. Develop your Kirkattitude today and never look back.


Born from necessity comes some of the greatest loudspeakers ever produced. Suitable for small to very large rooms, and compatible across a broad mix of electronics, the Procella line of passive and active speaker systems deliver outstanding music and cinema reproduction at very high SPL levels.

Trinnov Audio

If you simply want the best-performing home cinema experience then you want Trinnov. From the underlying software that allows them to be first to market with each new processing technology to their award-winning room optimization software, the Altitude processor should be the focal point for every no-holds-barred home theatre.


Zappiti is a family of 4K media players, storage devices, and ripping solutions for your audio/video library.